Accessibility and Understanding

PIERO's Angel makes your doors smarter with hands-free opening and real-time ADA diagnostics.

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Hands-Free Smart Door

Angel is a retrofit "smart" device that adds 2 key features to your current handicap door system. The first feature is hands-free door opener. When a wheelchair user is within range of Angel, Angel recognizes them and automatically opens. No waiting, no buttons, no pulling.


Real-Time ADA Door Diagnostics Map

In addition, Angel uses sensors to check 4 common ADA door requirement issues.

1.) Door closing/opening force

2.) Door closing/opening duration

3.) Functionality of the door motor

4.) Functionality of each door-opening button

Worry a little less, door maintenance just got a lot easier.

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Make waves 

You can help make the world more accessible to wheelchair users everywhere by conducting a beta-test on your campus.